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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Veterans and Social Security Disability

Veteran Eligibility for Social Security Benefits Military employees have been paying into Social Security since 1957. Along with civilian workers, veterans also have the right to receive Social Security benefits and might even be entitled to additional payments because of their military status. Our Tampa Social Security disability attorney can provide clients with further information […]

Evaluating a Social Security Disability Claim

Sequential Evaluation Process  If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits, your St. Petersburg Social Security disability attorney will likely discuss the sequential evaluation process with you. The Social Security Administration utilizes a five-step evaluation to assess whether your impairment rises to the level of being a disability that would qualify you for benefits. […]

Benefits of the Railroad Retirement Act

What Are the Benefits of the Railroad Retirement Act? Railroad employees who are vested are eligible for retirement benefits. Railroad Retirement is administered by an independent agency of the federal government, the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB). If you are having trouble obtaining benefits that you believe you are entitled to, speak with a Tampa railroad […]

Age and Social Security Disability Claims

How Age Affects Social Security Disability Claims As you move along in your Social Security disability case, your St. Petersburg Social Security disability attorney will likely explain that the majority of Social Security disability applicants must prove to the Social Security Administration that they are unable to return to their past relevant work and that […]

Social Security Program Details

 A Tampa social security disability attorney may provide you with a background on the Social Security system if you are interested in applying for benefits. This program was established to provide for the basic needs of individuals who suffer from a long-term impairment. Social Security and Medicare are funded by taxes that employers and employees pay […]

Acquiring Social Security Disability Benefits

   Your St. Petersburg social security disability attorney can explain that there are two different programs that can provide you with disability benefits if you have an impairment and are unable to work: Social Security Disability and Social Security Income. Here is an overview of the application process. Social Security Disability Your St. Petersburg social […]

Mike Murburg, P.A. on Objection to Video

Prior to scheduling a hearing, SSA will notify the claimant that it may schedule the appearance by video teleconferencing.  If the claimant objects to appearing by video teleconferencing, the claimant or his/her representative must notify SSA in writing within 30 days after receiving this notice. Please refer to the You Tube video below wherein Mike […]