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Disabled man in wheelchair, Tampa Disability Attorneys


We recently had a fully favorable decision that prompts me to write about disability among younger individuals 45-49 years old. In cases where younger individuals are claiming disability, there is a silent presumption against finding them disabled because of their age. It is just presumed that young people can work. So in order to prove disability for people 54-49, I look for a combination of conditions that would keep them from working any job. Having one serious impairment might not be enough. So just a back injury might not prove the case. However, combine that back issue with a carpel tunnel problem that would have a serious impact on working even sedentary jobs in this national economy, especially if the carpel tunnel was in the dominant hand or bilateral. When and if combined with a major depression or anxiety, then focus and concentration would be significantly impaired. Such an individual, even if a younger individual would probably not be able to work.