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Facts About Social Security Disability Benefits

Each year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) hears thousands of cases for disability assistance and, unfortunately, each year, the SSA improperly denies thousands of claims. The attorneys at Mike Murburg, PA have dedicated their professional careers to helping those with severe disabilities get the help they deserve and need. If you need assistance making a Social Security disability claim or if you believe that your claim has been improperly denied, contact a Social Security disability attorney at Mike Murburg, PA by calling 877-774-2889.

How is a Social Security Disability Claim Made?

If you suffer from a disability or injury that causes you to become temporarily or permanently disabled, you may be entitled to Social Security payments. Claims for Social Security disability payments are usually initially made through the one of the SSA field offices. The field office is typically only responsible for verifying the claimant’s:

  • Age
  • Employment
  • Marital status
  • Social Security coverage information

The field office then sends the case to Disability Determination Services (DDS) for an evaluation of the disability. The claim is reviewed and a decision is made.  Unfavorable decisions can be appealed, but it is always best to make a strong case during your initial filing.

How is a Social Security Claim Proven?

Each person who files a disability claim is responsible for providing medical evidence showing he or she has an impairment and the severity of the impairment. The SSA can help you with the process, but your initial case for Social Security disability is typically made through your private medical professional. You usually must be able to provide medical evidence (documentation) that demonstrates:

  • You have a severe and lasting injury or illness,
  • Your disability prohibits you from gainful employment, and
  • The disability is permanent.

You will also want to provide additional evidence that demonstrates how your disability has negatively impacted your life. Disability symptoms should be recorded and tracked. Keep a detailed log of all your symptoms and treatments. Examples may include:

  • The location, duration, frequency, and intensity of the pain,
  • Mitigating and aggravating factors (when are the symptoms better or worse),
  • Side effects of any medication,
  • Treatments being used for the relief of pain,
  • Any measures the claimant uses or has used to relieve pain, and
  • Other limitations you may have due to pain or other symptoms.

If you have questions about what is required to demonstrate a Social Security claim, or if you are having trouble getting the required evidence, contact a Social Security disability lawyer at Mike Murburg, PA today.

What Happens if My Social Security Claim is Denied?

There are several reasons why your Social Security disability claim could be denied. If your claim was denied for medical reasons, you should contact us and we will help you gather all the information you will need for the appeal, including:

  • Doctors, hospitals, medical treatments, and tests since you last submitted your claim,
  • A list of medicines you are currently taking for your disability,
  • Changes in your medical conditions, daily activities, (i.e., work and education), and
  • Supporting documents such as forms, medical reports, and written doctor’s statements.

Contact Mike Murburg, PA Today

Contact a Social Security disability attorney at Mike Murburg, PA today to discuss the SSA claims process and what evidence you will need to provide to demonstrate your disability and make a successful claim. We can be reached online or by calling 877-774-2889. We look forward to discussing your claim. Contact us today.