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Private First Class Norman M. Murburg, III

On June 9, 2008 our son and brother, Private First Class Norman M. Murburg, III died during his Special Forces training exercises at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Training Center Camp McCall, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.   He died while in his special forces training due to heat exhaustion during a 104 degree three day heat wave on the last day of that training.  The death could have reasonably been prevented.  Mike’s son literally gave his last breath and measure for his country.

Initially the Cause of death was ruled “envenomation by poisonous snake.”  His father Mike, our founder, did not believe the conclusion he was given.  Though fighting grief and retinal cancer which has left Mike partially blind, with help from Congressman Bill Young and his wife Beverly and the help of the St. Petersburg Times and Fox News, Mr. Murburg had the cause of death reviewed and investigation reopened.  This ultimately led to the Army withdrawing the original cause of death and the termination of the chief pathologist who performed the autopsy and concluded envenomation as the cause of death.

During this time, Mr. Murburg also discovered that the Army had let him bury his son without all of his organs.  The organs were returned and finally re–interred with his son.  With Congressman Bill Young and his wife Beverly (and Ehren’s surrogate mom), Mr. Murburg was subsequently given a full report and apology in person by General Peter W. Chiarelli,-U.S.Army Vice Chief of Staff and Special Forces Lt. General John Mulholland, Commander in General Army Specialists, Brigadier General Coleen McGuire-Provost Marshall General of the U.S. Army and head of the US Army Criminal Investigation Division and Lt. General Eric Shoomaker-U.S. Army Medical Commander and Surgeon General of the U.S. Army  and Capt. Craig Mallak, Armed Forces Medical Examiner at his ranch in rural Pasco County, Florida in 2010.  The Attendees there vowed to have already made and to continue permanent changes that contributed to the death of Pfc. Murburg and the horrible aftermath in hopes that his death would mean something and help other soldiers to live.  Only time will tell if that is the truth.  Until the last day, Mr. Murburg will be a sceptic of anything that just doesn’t set right.  The complete story line can be Googled under Pfc. Norman Murburg, III.

“Ehren” as we and his close friends called him was an 18-Xray (18X10, Company D, STU, Support Battalion SWC, Ft Bragg, NC) and died in such a way that his nickname Ehren, (honorable) would have indicated.  His one grandfather Lt. M. Goldblatt was a US Army test pilot and his other, Lt. Cmdr. N. M. Murburg, a Navy UDT/frogman, amphibious ranger and a WWII founding father of what would some day come to be known as the Navy Seal Teams.  Ehren had an MAT score of 139/140 and was proud to have been an infantryman, someone “who could do anything” in his own words, Airborne and part of US Army Special forces and the Green Beret program.  He had left the University of Florida as a Bright Futures Scholar to join the Army become a member of the Special Forces, and fight terrorism in Afghanistan where he would have been at “the head of the spear”, a place where he could the most good “for my country, for my children and my children’s children”.  Ehren was an automatic weapons specialist and after his Green Beret Training, would have soon been on his way to medical training to become a Medic and to rejoin his unit.  Ehren turned down the opportunity to go to West Point so he could become a Green Beret first and fight with his fellow Green Berets.  His goal was to serve his country and to someday return to the University of Florida to complete his Pre-medical studies and then go onto medical school. His loss was a loss to us all, his family, his unit, and his country.  Like any good soldier he died with his weapon in his hand.  We were and are so proud of him. There will never be another like him.  Why do our best die ever so young.

Having lost such a young man, such a son, both Carol and Mike renewed their obligation and commitment to help and to serve our Veterans in any way that they could.  It helps make sense of the loss.  Where families have suffered the losses, there must be some way to help.  As a consequence, the Law Offices of Mike Murburg, P.A. will review, as they are able, the poignant issues concerning the service connected claims of all of our disability clients and the claims of all those disabled Veterans who may seek such advice.  Hopefully, posthumously, this will help make Ehren as proud of us as we are of him.  We recognize his ultimate sacrifice and that of our servicemen and women.  We pledge to fight as hard for our disabled Veteran clients as hard as they have fought for us.  We can only stand in your shadow, not in your shoes.  You have no equals.

Norman M. Murburg, III as child Attorney

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Lt. Norman M. Murburg, Sr.