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Mike Murburg, P.A. on Objection to Video

Prior to scheduling a hearing, SSA will notify the claimant that it may schedule the appearance by video teleconferencing.  If the claimant objects to appearing by video teleconferencing, the claimant or his/her representative must notify SSA in writing within 30 days after receiving this notice. Please refer to the You Tube video below wherein Mike […]

Questions to Ask before Applying for Disability

Questions You Should Ask before Applying for Disability If you are disabled and cannot work, you may want to know about the programs run by the Social Security Administration designed to help people in your situation. There are two such programs; which one will be most applicable to you depends on your circumstances. Discuss the […]

Guidelines to Determine Disability

Guidelines Used to Determine Disability The Social Security Administration has specific requirements when they decide if someone is disabled. While your Tampa Social Security disability attorney can provide you with additional details, the SSA uses two reference guides—the Listing of Impairments and the Medical-Vocational Guidelines—to summarize an overview of disability. In addition to overall health, […]