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The Tiers of Railroad Retirement

Understanding the Different Tiers of Railroad Benefits Potentially Available Substantial compensation may be available to former railroad workers under the Railroad Retirement Program. As a skilled Tampa railroad retirement attorney, such as Mike Murburg, P.A. can explain, railroad benefits can offer enhancements over what a worker may be able to receive through social security. It’s […]

Claims Process for Railroad Retirement

What to Expect from the Claims Process for Railroad Retirement Benefits Filing for railroad benefits can be a time-consuming, cumbersome process. Also, applications must adhere to strict deadlines. A skilled Tampa railroad retirement lawyer can walk you through what to expect. Mike Murburg, P.A. Explains Where to File for Benefits:  When you are ready to retire, […]

Florida and National Railroads

Handling Disability Claims for Workers at Major Railroad Companies Mike Murburg, P.A., which focuses exclusively on disability benefits recovery, has represented workers in the major railroad industry companies for the past three decades. Our firm maintains offices in locations throughout Florida, with our central office location in Tampa. We also help workers employed by the […]