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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Past Relevant Work and SS Disability

Disability Benefits and Past Relevant Work What is “past relevant work”? Any claimant for Social Security disability benefits has come across this term. It is an important step in evaluating claims for disability benefits and may be the basis on which your claim is approved or denied, especially if your medical findings alone do not […]

5 Major Types of SS Benefits

The Social Security Administration classifies 5 major types of benefits you can receive based on your level of disability. Factors that contribute to which type of benefit you’ll be eligible for depend on your current income level, your marital status and exactly when your disability started. You should work closely with a Social Security disability […]

How Can Age Affect SSD Case

A St. Petersburg Social Security Disability Attorney Explains How Age Can Affect Your SSD Case In order to obtain Social Security disability, you must have a medical condition that prevents you from performing the type of work that you previously did. You also need to show that you’re unable to adjust to other jobs you’d […]

Disability Benefits and Working

Receiving Benefits While You Work and Reporting Problems One of the most common questions that Tampa disability attorneys hear is whether a claimant can continue to work while receiving Social Security disability benefits. While a person is able to do both, a Tampa disability attorney can explain the importance of staying below certain income guidelines. […]

Consultative Exam and SS Disability

Your Florida Social Security lawyer can explain that, in some cases, a consultative examination may become necessary. The following information can help provide answers to basic questions regarding these examinations. How Much Does the Exam Cost? Your Florida Social Security lawyer will explain that you do not have to pay for a consultative exam. Instead, […]