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Monthly Archives: August 2014

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Méniére’s

As this WebMD article notes, any number of ailments can qualify a person for Social Security disability benefits. According to the story, some of the most common conditions suffered by those who collect disability include back pain, heart disease, cancer, and depression. An almost infinite number of less-common diseases can also make work impossible for […]

Medical Sources That Prove a Disability Case

A disability case is proved mainly with medical evidence. Medical evidence usually is obtained from a treating doctor, psychologist, optometrist, speech pathologist or podiatrist. The social security regulations require that only “acceptable medical sources” can give opinions that establish the existence of a determinable medical impairment. However, other acceptable sources can establish the severity of […]

A History of Social Security Disability

By Kirby Wilson At the law offices of Mike Murburg, P.A., we strive to win Social Security Disability benefits for our Tampa-area clients. We believe the money we win for our clients in court can change those clients’ lives. Everyone wants to work, but some are incapable because of a mental or physical impairment. With […]